DayZ Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone, 3 months ago
We have just picked up the DayZ Trophy List.

There are 13 trophies, none of which are hidden.


Name Description
Bodily needs Ate and drank something. icon
Geared Equipped a firearm, a melee weapon and a backpack. icon
Act of mercy Killed my first infected. icon
Field cook Cooked a steak on a stick. icon
I'm the firestarter Ignited fire using a matchbox, a road flare and a hand drill. icon
Babyface Shaved my face. icon
Natural instincts Gutted a deer. icon
Marksman Killed a survivor at more than three hundred meters. icon
Pacify Killed an infected soldier. icon
Heal the world Applied bandages on other survivors thirty times. icon
You have the right... Handcuffed ten people. icon
Close and personal Killed fifteen survivors with any melee weapon. icon
Lobotomy Killed twenty survivors or infected with a head-shot. icon
DayZ is developed and published by Bohemia Interactive.

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