Gran Turismo Sport May Update Adds the Goodwood Motor Circuit

By Rebecca Smith,
Gran Turismo Sport's latest monthly content update has been released this week. Update 1.39 adds the renowned Goodwood Motor Circuit to the game, as well as new rounds to the GT League and several other improvements.

The Goodwood Motor Circuit is located in Chichester, England, and includes the Chichester/Goodwood Airport. Around its 3.8km length, players can reach fairly high speeds, especially along the 514m straight. The track's seven corners include a number of mid- and high-speed turns.

In addition to the new track, the update has also added 11 new rounds to some of the existing GT League events. The Beginner League gets two new rounds in the MINI Challenge, the Professional League gets two new rounds in the F1500 Championship, and the Endurance League gets a new round in the Porsche Cup. The Amateur League is the tier that benefits the most, though, with two additional rounds in each of the Nostalgic Car Festival, Supra Legend, and Super Formula Championships events.

In Scapes, "Editor's Choice II" has been added into the special featured section. Finally, there are "various other features, improvements and fixes" that have been made in the update, although the details on these are not available.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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