Beat Saber Patch Will Tweak the Scoring System

By Rebecca Smith,
If you're not doing terribly well at Beat Saber, the chances are it's because you're not entirely sure how the scoring system works. Getting a high score is not as simple as hitting each block perfectly in time. You need to cut each block as close to the centre as possible, and make sure you swing before and after the block has passed. If this sounds confusing, we even put together a guide to improving your sabre skills that included a rundown of the current scoring, but the next patch to arrive for the game will make changes that makes the scoring more precise.

You can read a summary of the changes below, but if you want more detail, you can find the Twitter thread here.

Other changes that will arrive in the patch include a fix for sound glitches in some Expert+ levels, an option to remove ambient lighting, and a fix for a mirror rendering bug. The patch has arrived on Steam and Oculus already, but has been delayed on PSVR thanks to a longer submission process. Instead, the patch will arrive on PlayStation 4 alongside the second Music Pack, although we're yet to get a release date for either.

We've got the full list of Beat Saber trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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