Dollhouse Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone, 4 months ago
We have just picked up the Dollhouse Trophy List.

There are 44 trophies, none of which are hidden.


Name Description
I WANT IT ALL! Unlocked all trophies. icon
ALICE IN WONDERLAND Become Alice at the end of the campaign. icon
WALK OF FAME Won 25 games with each nominee in multiplayer. icon
ALL STAR CAST Won a match of multiplayer with each nominee. icon
BLACK DAHLIA Become Dahlia at the end of the campaign. icon
EVELYN'S SECRET Become Evelyn at the end of the campaign. icon
EXPERT ARCHIVIST Collected 1000 Memories. icon
JOIN THE PARTY Finish a multiplayer match with a full party. icon
HELLO KATHERINE Become Katherine at the end of the campaign. icon
HOW IT BEGAN Finished a multiplayer match. icon
INVISIBLE WOMAN You didn’t get caught throughout a single playthrough by It. icon
VESPER MARTINI Become Vesper at the end of the campaign. icon
MASTER OF ILLUSTRATION Doodled 1000 times across all modes. icon
ON THE CASE Finished the prologue. icon
ONCE UPON A TIME Finished the campaign. icon
PIECING IT TOGETHER Fixed all the scripts. icon
POISON IVY Become Ivy at the end of the campaign. icon
ROLE MODEL Won 100 matches with a single nominee. icon
SHORT BEGINNINGS Fixed your first script. icon
BACKSTAB Kill 500 people playing as It. icon
KEY COLLECTOR Collected 500 keys across all modes. icon
STOCK COLLECTOR Collected 500 stocks across all modes. icon
CHALK COLLECTOR Collected 500 boxes of chalk across all modes. icon
WHEEL OF FATE Reach max level in the campaign in one playthrough. icon
SHATTERED MEMORIES Broke off 500 locks from memory chains. icon
HERE IT IS! Killed your first victim as It. icon
DOLLHOUSE Become each of the main cast at least once at the end of the campaign. icon
HOME SWEET HOME Emily is alive. icon
BROKEN FAMILY Emily is gone. icon
7 REASONS WHY Played all 7 tapes back to It. icon
CRITIC'S CHOICE Complete the campaign with earning 3 stars from all reviewers. icon
ME TOO Fixed Vesper's script. icon
FATAL FRAME Flashed away 1000 mannequins across all modes. icon
REMEMBER ME Finished the campaign with no missing footage in the final trailer. icon
ROOM 1313 Find room 1313. icon
THERE IS ALWAYS A LIGHTHOUSE Used your first beacon in a lost room. icon
WELCOME TO YOUR TAPE Play Imprisoned Emily’s Tape. icon
PERFECT SHOT Flashed 5 or more Mannequins with one Flash. icon
SOUND OF MUSIC Collected all the Vinyl Discs. icon
HOLLYWOOD LEGEND Completed the campaign without Blacklisting any Memories. icon
HOLLYWOOD BLACKOUT Completed the campaign Blacklisting all Memories. icon
PICTURE TO BURN Found all the photos. icon
POISONED MEMORIES Found all of Emily’s Tape Recordings. icon
CHARGE! Collected 500 Charges across all modes. icon
Dollhouse is developed by Creazn Studio and published by SOEDESCO.
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