The Persistence Upcoming Update Removes the Need for PlayStation VR

By Rebecca Smith,
The Persistence was released nearly a year ago for PlayStation VR, and developer Firesprite has not stopped supporting the title since. In their next update for the game, known as the Complete Edition, they want to open it up to a larger audience by removing the need for PSVR and allowing the game to be played on your TV.

To make the game work properly on TVs, the team has implemented a number of changes. The first is graphical improvements that include 4K 60fps graphics for PlayStation 4 Pro owners. Those who don't own a Pro will still benefit from 1080p 60fps displays. Lighting has been enhanced and better particle effects have been included, and there will even be Motion Blur and Chromatic Aberration.

The in-game camera has also been altered so that players feel they're naturally moving around the ship, such as head movement, and transitions between crouching and standing. The on-screen display and user interface will be changed to be "super intuitive" for a flatscreen TV.

Finally, gameplay has been altered to remove the elements that relied upon the PSVR headset, but players will still be able to perform quick and accurate actions. Interacting with objects and pick-ups has been redesigned, and some weapons like the Gravity Hook now have different firing methods when playing on a TV.

The Complete edition will be a free update for all players who own the game.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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