Firewall Zero Hour Operation: Nightfall Update Arrives Next Week

By Rebecca Smith, 3 months ago
Since its release last year, Firewall Zero Hour has received a plethora of additional content and gameplay improvements. Next week, the game will get its biggest update yet. Operation: Nightfall promises to introduce seasonal progression, new maps, new Contractors, new weapons, and updates to the AI and user interface.

While the game had a challenge system previously, this has now been overhauled. Contract Handlers will give out a new mission every week for free, a total of eight missions, offering rewards like cosmetics and three new weapons for completion. Week 2 will reward the Richardson SG12 shotgun, week 5 will offer the Sarge pistol, and week 7 will offer the Raptor SMG. There will also be daily tasks to complete for XP and Crypto rewards. Those players who own the Op-Pass will get access to eight Premium and eight Bonus missions too. Op-Pass holders who complete all 24 weekly, Premium and Bonus missions will unlock the opportunity to purchase the Legendary Weapon Skin, Okoro’s Volkov, for 250,000 Crypto.

All players will also get two new maps. The first of those will be "Hangar", based at a large military transport hangar in Malaysia. A mid-season update will then bring along the F.O.B. map, although details on this have not been revealed. Only Op-Pass owners will get access to the new Contractors. The first to arrive with the start of the season is Ruby, and her Thief skill allows her to steal crypto from enemy corpses. Later on in the season, Lynx will be the second Contractor to be added. While Ruby's Thief skill will be exclusive to Op-Pass owners throughout the season, all Level 12+ players will then be able to purchase the skill for 12,000 Crypto when the season ends.

Operation Nightfall weapons

In terms of gameplay changes, the update will make change the User Interface to make new Missions, tasks, and Rewards more visible. Lobbies will be more stable and have better performance. The AI has been altered for PvE modes so they mimic human tactics more closely, such as in breaking down doors, using equipment, and hunting players. Other changes include "squad optimisations, ability to customise Contractors in lobby, map and laptop location refresh in Bunker and Compound, as well as updates to enemy indicators and headshot SFX".

Operation: Nightfall is due to be released next week on May 21st. Will you be jumping back into the game?

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the Firewall Zero Hour trophies.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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