Possible Upcoming PlayStation 4 Features Include Trophy Progression

By Rebecca Smith,
While the rumours continue to gather pace surrounding Sony's new console, with the latest being mobile phones as an alternative to DualShock controllers, this doesn't mean Sony has completely forgotten about their current PlayStation 4 console. A prominent leaker of PS4 software updates, Tidux, has revealed four features that are supposed to be coming soon to the console:

Of the list of four features, the three that are fairly self-explanatory are the wishlist and gifting for the PlayStation Store, the timelog and statistics for all games, and the ability to pin games on the PlayStation 4 dashboard. The one that isn't quite as obvious is the trophy progression. This will likely be a feature similar to that currently found on the Xbox One where some achievements that involve cumulative progression, such as finding a certain number of collectibles, or performing a certain action several times, will give players a percentage progression bar to show them how close they are to unlocking the achievement. It's a feature that is sure to be popular for the trophy hunters here on TT.

Of course, there are no details as to when these features will appear on the console, or really any certainty that they will appear at all. As usual, we'll let you know as soon as we hear more.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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