Moss Twilight Garden Update Brings New Trophies Next Month

By Rebecca Smith, 3 months ago
The Oculus Quest is due to be released next week on May 21st. While this wouldn't usually be of interest to us, one of the games that will be debuting alongside the VR headset is Polyarc's Moss. To celebrate the game's release there, the developer will be adding a free Twilight Garden content update that adds more environments, challenges, and a new story to the game. PlayStation VR players will be getting this update next month, and when it arrives, it will come with new trophies.

While we don't yet have any details on those trophies, we do know that Quill will be able to discover new portals to the Twilight Garden area. A "mysterious presence" will be there to prepare him for the new puzzles, enemies, weapons, and vast chambers full of dangers that he'll find once he's gone through those portals, as well as to assist with progression.

The Twilight Garden update will arrive on PlayStation VR for free next month.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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