You Can Now See Trophy Rarity on TrueTrophies!

By Sam Quirke,
Hello fellow trophy hunters!

As part of our efforts to bring you even more useful PlayStation stats and information, we are pleased to announced that you can now see each trophy's official completion percentage and trophy rarity according to the PlayStation Network.

TrueTrophies to PSN Unlock Percentage Comparison

On any trophy page, you can now see how the TT community stacks up against the entire PlayStation community, in a box to the right of the page:

Rarity ComparisonRarity Comparison

As you might expect, the TT community generally has quite an advantage over the general PlayStation population.

PlayStation Network's Trophy Rarity

Just underneath this is the official PlayStation Rarity. PSN currently tracks the following Rarity indicators, each denoting a range of percentage unlocks:
PlayStation Network's Trophy RarityPlayStation Network's Trophy Rarity

Why don't we replace the TT Ratio with a new global PlayStation Ratio?

There are two main reasons:
  1. We don't have the total game ownership numbers or the total trophy unlock numbers, both of which would be needed to make the ratio
  2. We think basing the TT Ratio on the TT Community makes the most sense to our members.
We hope you enjoy this latest feature. Let us know what you think, and please share anything else you would like to see in the future!
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
Sam has been a Newshound since 2016 and is now the Editor for both TrueAchievements and TrueTrophies. He loves gaming on all devices and in all genres. He remains a stubborn Assassin's Creed and Pokémon fan.