PixARK Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone, 3 months ago
We have just picked up the PixARK Trophy List.

There are 33 trophies, none of which are hidden.


Name Description
Survivor Collect all trophies. icon
Explorer Explore the Doomland. icon
Unjust Enrichment Take those treasures away. icon
Fashion Collect your first cloth. icon
First Show A poor creature was killed by you. icon
First Partner Find a good partner. icon
Enemies of Rex Rex is not the most dangerous animal, but you are. icon
King of the Sky Tame a Quetzal. icon
King Slayer You have killed the strongest creature on this planet. icon
Strong Man You are the strongest man on this planet. icon
Behemoth Hunter Kill a Behemoth. icon
Sea Slime Hunter Kill a Large Sea Slime. (Ruins) icon
Mummy King Hunter Kill a Mummy King. (Ruins) icon
Ice Fairy Hunter Kill an Ice Fairy. (Ruins) icon
Mediterranean Blueprint Obtain a Mediterranean Blueprint. icon
Bamboo Blueprint Obtain a Bamboo Blueprint. icon
Magic Academy Blueprint Obtain a Magic Academy Blueprint. icon
Western Blueprint Obtain a Western Blueprint. icon
Executive Blueprint Obtain an Executive Blueprint. icon
Scuba Equipment Obtain a piece of Scuba Armor. icon
Armadillo Shell Equipment Obtain a piece of Lava Armor. icon
Grassland Ruins Obtain a Broken Ruin block from the Grassland. icon
Desert Ruins Obtain a Pyramid Ruin block from the Desert. icon
Frozen Ruins Obtain an Ice Ruin block from the Frozen Land. icon
Swamp Ruins Obtain a Relic Ruin block from the Swamp. icon
Dungeon Ruins Obtain a Dungeon Ruin block from the Swamp. icon
Ocean Ruins Obtain an Ocean Ruin block from the Deep Ocean. icon
Sauropod Tame a Sauropod. icon
Cyclops Kill a Cyclops. icon
Supply Crate Get something from the Supply Crate. icon
Treasure Open the highest level Chest in the Ruins. icon
Explorer Dark Explore the Dark Forest. icon
Explorer Frozen Explore the Frozen Land. icon
PixARK is developed and published by Snail Games.
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Written by Rich Stone
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