Dreams Update Adds More Assets Later This Month

By Rebecca Smith,
Dreams was released into Early Access on April 16th, and since then, players have been extremely busy creating countless worlds and creations. According to GameInformer, the game will soon be receiving its first post-launch update that will add even more assets for players to use.

Early Access

The update will add more templates, tutorials, and assets to help players to create their perfect game. They'll also be increasing the level cap beyond level 100, and will be adding a variety of social features for the Dreamiverse, such as the ability to block other users. The update is due to arrive sometime this month.

Another feature on which the team is working is to add non-motion control alternatives for moving the game's cursor. At the moment, the cursor is moved using PlayStation Move remotes or the motion sensors in the DualShock 4, but this tends to feel clumsy. The team is aware this makes the game inaccessible to some players, so they're trying to proritise these improvements. In the future, it may even include the implementation of mouse and keyboard support.

As soon as we hear more on any of the above features, we'll be sure to let you know.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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