PlayStation Now Downloads Twice as Popular as Streaming

By Rebecca Smith,
We're soon due to hear about the games that Sony will be adding to PlayStation Now, but it seems like even with the many titles that are added each month, one of the most important changes Sony made to the service happened back in September 2018. It was then they added the ability to download titles from the on-demand service rather than having to stream them, and gamers seem to have preferred the change in approach. According to, downloaded games get double the amount of gameplay time when compared to the streamed titles.

Playstation Now

Sony chief financial officer Hiroki Totoki revealed that the feature was added "for users who want to enjoy gameplay without worrying about the network connections," but it seems like players prefer to download their titles regardless of their internet connection for such a difference to be felt just seven months after the feature's introduction.

When Sony revealed their FY18 financial results last week, PlayStation Now subscribers had increased by 40% to 700,000. The service now offers over 750 titles to North American gamers, with European gamers able to benefit from a slightly smaller librabry of 650 games.

Are you a PlayStation Now subscriber? Do you prefer to download or stream?
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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