Persona 5: The Royal Heading West Next Year

By Rebecca Smith,
When Persona 5 joined PlayStation Hits three weeks ago, many of you predicted it would be because an enhanced version of the game, Persona 5: The Royal, was due to be released this year. Well, while publisher ATLUS has confirmed that version of the game will indeed be making its way west, we'll have to wait until next year to get our hands on it.

The Royal adds new content to the game, including two new characters, new enemies, and an extra semester. New character Kasumi Yoshizawa may be an ally or an enemy. She's a girl that transfers to the Shujin Academy in the same year the protagonist moves to Tokyo and is a promising student and admires the protagonist, but she rejects the intentions of the Phantom Thieves. There's a new confidant too — Takuto Maruki. The part-time school counselor is popular amongst his students.

Not only will players be able to experience the third semester of the year that was previously untold, complete with new characters and events, there are new features added to the existing story. Kichijouji is a new area in Tokyo that players can visit, and the DARTSLIVE3 machine can be played with friends. There are new date spots, and players can travel round the town with The Twins. New enemies will also be added in the form of the Kyouma.

In terms of gameplay, there's now a Status Assist feature that makes play easier and makes suggestions for your school life. There will be "countless" new songs added to the soundtrack courtesy of composer Shoji Meguro. Finally, the game will come with enhanced graphics for the PlayStation 4 Pro.

While the English teaser trailer above may not have given anything away, the Japanese trailer for the game does at least show off some of the story:

Persona 5: The Royal heads west next year.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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