Judgment Reveals Younger Kyohei Hamura Character Model

By Rebecca Smith,
Last month, Judgment actor Pierre Taki was arrested for use of cocaine. The resulting fallout saw the game removed from sale in Japan and all promotional material featuring the character was deleted, while the publisher also promised his character model and Japanese voice would be altered in the west. They've now followed through on that promise. Developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio has revealed the new character model for yakuza character Kyohei Hamura, and he looks quite different, perhaps even a little younger:

According to IGN, the character model is now based on an original model created by the studio, which would explain the rapid turnaround in replacing his identity. The character's movements and lip-syncing will remain the same as before, and the identity of the actor who will now be providing the Japanese dialogue has not been revealed. Not only did they have to change his appearance and re-record his lines, they also had to change some of the cut scenes, some of the evidence players will see on their phone, and even some of the trophies.

The team has also made an effort to replace some of the promotional materil for the game ahead of its western release. This includes a new announcement trailer:

Thanks to the quick turnaround in replacing the character, the game is still heading for its worldwide release date of June 25th. Those who pre-order the digital edition will be able to access the game from June 21st.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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