UPDATE: Devil May Cry 5 Removes Nudity Censorship – But Not In Europe

By Sam Quirke,
UPDATE: We've confirmed that the update does not restore the fleeting moment of bare buttock in Europe, which suggests that this censorship really is down to Sony's confusing, region-specific changes to its censorship policies. We'll have to wait and see whether Europe gets the scandalous half-second of bum in the future.

Original Story:
Devil May Cry 5 contains a very mild moment of partial nudity, but for Western PlayStation 4s even a small glimpse of unclothed buttock was enough to bring out the censors. It seems that this particular ruling may have been a mistake.

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Originally a cutscene involving Dante and Trish had a very brief flash of feminine derrière, but when the game released on PlayStation 4 in the West even this flash was — well, flashed out, with bright lights. Some fans were confused and frustrated, particularly because of the mildness of the moment and the fact that neither PlayStation 4s in other regions nor Xbox Ones in the West received the same censorship.

It's possible that the censorship was entirely a mistake, as the coverings seem to have been removed as of the latest Bloody Palace update for the game. The change wasn't announced but it was noticed by YouTuber Itachi Uchiha and picked up by Twinfinite. That video is technically not safe for work, by the way, though you'd be unlucky to have your boss walk by for the quarter-second of mildly problematic video.

The fact that the moment has been patched back to its original state with very little fanfare suggests that the censorship wasn't supposed to be there in the first place — it could be that the developers prepared a censorship option while the game was in the process of being reviewed. It could also be that Sony or others just wanted to quietly retract this particularly extreme moment of over-parenting without making a fuss.

Whatever the case, it unfortunately puts Sony back in the spotlight for their unclear rules for moderating adult content of a sexual nature, and once again highlights just how heavily sexuality can be censored in an industry perfectly comfortable with extreme gore and violence.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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