The TrueTrophies Link Frog Challenge – Stats Roundup

By HitmanOllie,
Our latest community challenge has come to a close, so it's time to crunch the numbers as we look forward to the next one. Let us know what you thought of Link Frog and celebrate another successful contest with us!

For those of you that missed it, the Link Frog Challenge asked the community to string as many trophy unlocks together as they could, by matching the last letter of the previously unlocked trophy with the first letter of the next.

Link Frog

This time around the Link Frog Challenge had an 331 registered participants. 120 gamers earned the Community Badge for this challenge, which means that they chained together at least 10 trophies. Congratulations to those of you that stuck it out, and particular congratulations to those 25 of you who have now completed all Community Challenges, earning rank 6 in your community badge.

Here are the top gamers for the event — those heroes that managed to link hundreds of trophies in just two weeks. Congratulations in particular to xLilSheWolfx who takes the top spot with a whopping 275 linked trophies — an average of one trophy unlock per hour over the course of 14 days.

Top Gamers in the Link Frog Challenge

GamerTag Links Avg. Unlocks/Hr Favourite Letter
xLilSheWolfx 275 0.82 E (48 uses)
inatimate1 175 0.58 T (26 uses)
ERock4484 147 0.49 E (25 uses)
lynden347 147 0.88 E (29 uses)
richUK 134 0.40 E (27 uses)
biff_beefcake 89 0.27 S (17 uses)
Nightwasp 81 0.25 L (26 uses)
Nelson-Hellier 81 0.26 S (10 uses)
Tenniswise 73 0.22 S (11 uses)
D72shadow 72 0.24 R (14 uses)
SinnTrophyHunter 66 0.21 E (12 uses)
xStOnEhEaDx 65 0.19 T (12 uses)
Murphiroth 64 0.19 S (12 uses)
Articuno2001 54 0.16 R (10 uses)
OathkeeperRoxas_ 52 0.17 S (12 uses)
extrasafeivy 52 0.16 R (7 uses)
donald047 50 0.15 L (12 uses)
McP485 49 0.15 S (10 uses)
valiantady 47 0.15 E (9 uses)
quick-blade 43 0.13 R (6 uses)
Just like our top 20 players, commonly used letters in the alphabet proved to be generally the most popular letter used to chain trophies, with "E" and "R" taking the top spots.

Top letters

Letter #
E 553
R 532
S 498
T 418
D 296
N 268
L 180
G 118
Y 118
K 88
What games did participants typically go for? The inclusion of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and HITMAN in a recent PS Plus month seems to have pushed their easiest trophies into the table. I will admit to being part of the problem in noticing that POWGI's One Word was both easy to rack up trophies in, and full of useful common letters at the beginning and end of the trophy names.

Top trophies

Trophy Game #
Earn a Winged Dagger Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered 9
Enlightened One Word by POWGI 8
Ruff Seas Word Search by POWGI (EU) 7
Doggy in the Windows One Word by POWGI (Vita) 7
Enlightened One Word by POWGI (Vita) 7
Doggy in the Windows One Word by POWGI 7
Enlightened One Word by POWGI (EU) 7
Shhhh HITMAN 6
Retro Shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered 6
Red All Over One Word by POWGI 6
Overall, participants unlocked 3,663 trophies for 98,400 Trophy XP and 140,824 TT Score.

Let us know if you enjoyed this event, share your stories and get hyped for the next Challenge. We'll let you know those details as soon as we have everything set up!