Walkthroughs Update: March 2019

By Nicole René, 6 months ago
Hello all,

It's certainly been a while since our last quarterly update, but we have every intention of getting back into the swing of things. And there's plenty of news to share as well! To start, there were over 60 walkthroughs published since last year, and we're happy to keep things going! Although it's been quite some time, we want to be sure to thank everyone who contributed as well as give thanks to those who helped out in this quarter as well. You can check out the full list of published walkthroughs here, and be sure to give a thumbs up to the author!

I also want to take a moment to recognize davem300490 who is stepping down from the team. He's served as the walkthrough manager for more than four years, while also being a husband and father of four. It takes a lot of effort to manage a staff role, and we couldn't have kept the team alive without you. Best of luck in your future!

Fortunately, we're introducing two new members to the walkthrough team as well, myself included. Hopefully, this will allow us to get more walkthroughs published, and at a faster rate. Feel free to get in contact with any one of us if you're interested in writing for the site:
With all of that out of the way, let's get to the walkthroughs published this quarter. dance

Q1 of 2019

There were 22 walkthroughs published in the first quarter of the year. Ports are marked with a (*)

PlayStation 4
PlayStation 3
PlayStation Vita
Welcome Park (Vita) Walkthrough - Nomstuff

Finally, we are always looking to push the site further in terms of content. Every walkthrough we publish helps both the site and the gamers that need them. So if you're interested in writing a walkthrough, please don't hesitate to volunteer.

Once again, thank you to everyone who contributed these past few months. We hope to see a few new writers in the future!
Nicole René
Written by Nicole René
A small-time achievement hunter and a life-long fan of RPGs. When not being bad at multiplayer games or missing tedious achievements, Nici spends her time reading news and writing walkthroughs on TrueAchievements.