Is EA Access Coming to PlayStation 4?

By Rebecca Smith,
EA Access is a subscription service that is currently exclusive to Xbox One. There's also the Origin Access programme on PC. However, PlayStation players have done without the benefits of the service since its release in 2014, but that might not be the case for much longer. According to a leak on the Brazilian PlayStation Store, and references in the EA Access web source code, the service may soon be heading to PlayStation 4.

EA Access leak

Like always, EA hasn't commented on the rumours. The above screenshot was purportedly taken in the Brazilian PlayStation Storefront and shows a panel for EA Access stating that it's available now. Nobody has been able to verify the screenshot, but it is backed up by references to PlayStation Network that have been discovered in the EA Access web source code by Pure Gaming. The sentences include "Sign in from your PlayStation 4 and link your EA account", and "You need to sign in with your PSN account in order to buy a EA Access subscription".

EA Access has several benefits for players who enjoy EA games. For a monthly fee, players can gain access to a library, known as the EA Access Vault, of previous EA titles to download and play as much as they like for as long as their subscription is active. The games that are currently in there are listed in the spoiler below. There are also early access trials, which allow players ten hours of unlimited play on their upcoming titles. The latest game to receive the trial was Anthem, which allowed players to try out the game for ten hours beginning on February 15th, a full seven days before the game launched worldwide. Finally, players with EA Access subscriptions usually get access to closed beta tests for any of their titles.

If the rumours turn out to be true, would you be interested in an EA Access subscription on PlayStation?
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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