Days Gone Details Photo Mode

By Rebecca Smith,
Photo modes are becoming increasingly popular in games, and Bend Studio's upcoming Days Gone will be one of the many games to include the mode upon its release. The studio has detailed exactly what players can expect from the mode, including the many tools they'll be giving players to make them feel like they're "manipulating a real camera in the real world".

Photo Mode

Firstly, the game's Focus Lock allows for the selection of a permanent focus point so the camera can be moved around without any loss of focus. Once the photo is taken, the game will offer a variety of panels for players to do the most basic editing. The Characters panel allows players to select facial expressions, and toggle character and bike visibility. The Frames & Presets panel offers a choice of nine custom photo frames, "several" black frames of different shapes and sizes, options for adding the game's logo, and 18 filter presets. Finally, the Lens panel gives options for Field of View, Focal Distance, Aperture, and Film Grain.

If you really want to go into detail on your photos, there's Advanced Mode for further fine-tuning. This mode offers 55 settings for Bloom, Color Grading, and Color Depth Grading panels. This is the same mode used by the developers to create the preset options that will arrive with the game, including one that will be used to teach players the basics of Advanced Mode. You can see some of the editing options in the screenshots below:

The photo mode will be included with the game upon its release on April 26th.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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