Skyworld Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone, 4 months ago
We have just picked up the Skyworld Trophy List.

There are 27 trophies, none of which are hidden


Name Description
Skyworld Legend Unlock all other achievements. icon
Your First Skyworld Complete Mission 1. icon
Battle for the Crystals Complete Mission 2. icon
Live to Fight Another Day Complete Mission 3. icon
Temple Raider Complete Mission 4. icon
Monumental Complete Mission 5. icon
Treasure Hunt Complete Mission 6. icon
For Science! Complete Mission 7. icon
Back to Fight Another Day Complete Mission 8. icon
Skirmish Victor Win a Skirmish match. icon
Skirmish Lord Win 5 Skirmish matches. icon
Skirmish King Win 10 Skirmish matches. icon
Master Scientist Research 20 unique cards. icon
Fit for a King Upgrade castle to final level. icon
Golden Cards Upgrade 20 unique cards to final level. icon
Battle Lord Win 25 Battles. icon
Battle King Win 50 Skirmish Battles. icon
Midas Earn 1000 Gold. icon
Gluttony Earn 1000 Food. icon
Master Mage Earn 1000 Magic. icon
Lord Constructor Built 50 watchtowers. icon
Quite a Crowd Have a population of 50. icon
An Army walks on its Feet Walk over 250 steps. icon
Suicide Mission Destroy an enemy castle with 4 cards. icon
A Stranger in a Strange Land Win a battle with maximum HP penalty. icon
Lord Destructor Take down 50 watchtowers. icon
Quack! Find 8 ducks hidden in the campaign Overworlds. icon
Skyworld is developed by Vertigo Games and is part of the PlayStation VR Required program.
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