Eternity: The Last Unicorn Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone, 4 months ago
We have just picked up the Eternity: The Last Unicorn Trophy List.

There are 35 trophies, none of which are hidden

Eternity: The Last Unicorn

Name Description
Final Fantasy Collect all the trophies icon
Son of Fenrir Defeat Úlfrstórr icon
Collector of Souls Defeat Skogul for the first time icon
The Return of the King Defeat the Old King Wolfric icon
Malboro? Defeat the Swamp Tentacle icon
Servant of Odin Defeat Skogul for the second time icon
The fallen brother Defeat Erick, The Corrupted icon
Jotun awakening Defeat Helviti icon
Go to Hel Defeat Gullveig icon
Frey's disciple Upgrade the elven sword at the maximum icon
Skadi's disciple Upgrade the skadian bow at the maximum icon
Lothbrok's disciple Upgrade the sword and shield at the maximum icon
Tyr's disciple Upgrade the two-handed sword at the maximum icon
Iduna's apple Upgrade a character at the maximum icon
Prolonged life Upgrade the Eir medallions at the maximum icon
Rebirth Purify all corrupted bodies icon
Welcome to Valhalla Release all bodies corrupted by the swords icon
Freya's tear Collect 10.000 shards icon
The scholar Collect all scrolls of Elros icon
A poem by Bragi Complete the book of biographies icon
Lord of the Aesir Beat all the arenas icon
Back to work Deliver Durin's hammer icon
Release me Release the fairy icon
Mercenary Release Zenogb from the witch's dungeon icon
Call of the Gods Ring the bell in the Gullveig's tower icon
Skadi's relic Get the Skadian Bow icon
Vingólf's gift Get the long jump icon
The last of the unicorns Finish the game icon
Primordial creature Talk to the Oracle in the Yggdrasil Garden icon
Find the light Get the light flask in Makala's temple icon
The last guardian Find the lord of the forest icon
Lion of Amra Beat the arena mode with a character icon
Treasure hunter Collect all the chests icon
Forge Master Forge 10 different items icon
Silent Death Defeat the Spider Queen icon
Eternity: The Last Unicorn is developed by Void Studios and published by 1C Entertainment.
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