Beat Saber Music Pack Dated for Later This Month

By Rebecca Smith,
Last week, Beat Games revealed the first Beat Saber Music Pack would be arriving soon. Well, they indeed meant sooner rather than later, because the pack has been confirmed for a release on PlayStation 4 on March 14th.

While we weren't offered any glimpses of the ten tracks the pack will contain, the developer did give us a sneak peek of the new user interface for the game that promises to make browsing the new tracks a lot easier.

New Interface

We can assume from that screenshot that the first music pack will be titled "OST Vol.1". It will reportedly cost US$9.99 upon release. We can also see that there are two more packs in development right now, "OST Vol. 2" and another that is currently blurred out. The Extras folder may possibly contain the two tracks that have already been added to the game as part of title update.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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