Whilst the original release on the PS3 didn't have trophies, 2017's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered does. Now that the game is available via March's PlayStation Plus, many of you will no doubt be checking it out for free.


For first-person shooter regulars, making your way through the game's campaign on veteran difficulty won't be too much of a challenge. There are a couple of annoying checkpoints that you might have to work out a strategy for, but all in all it's pretty straightforward on the game's hardest difficulty. That's until you get to the epilogue and realise that your friends who talked about the Mile High Club achievement on the Xbox 360 version being tough weren't lying. Now you don't have the luxury of taking your time and picking off enemies from a safe distance as you do in the rest of the game's levels. This is a race against time, with only one minute to make it through the level, trying to take down all of the hostile enemies without taking too much fire yourself.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare RemasteredMile High ClubThe Mile High Club trophy in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered worth 58 pointsSky dive to safety on Veteran difficulty.

Whilst Mile High Club is almost legendary, it is thankfully not as difficult as it seems providing you check out a guide. You need to know exactly when to reload, switch weapons, throw flashbangs, and get in to cover. For those of you that aren't especially great at first-person shooters, there's also a method to cheese it as well — who's going to know anyway, right?

Strategy for the Mile High Club Trophy in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

There are a number of different strategies, but the one I used to make it through to the end was the one posted in our solution here on TT by PMaka199. In all honesty, making it to the end is as much about luck as it is about skill. You will inevitably take damage at some point in every run, you just have to hope that you manage to hit all the enemies in each room before you take too much, or that your AI squad mates are following along quickly enough to mop up any that you might have missed.

As you begin the level and start making your way down the hall, an enemy will leave the bathroom on your left. Ignore him completely (he will kill you sometimes, but it saves some vital time if you leave him to your squad), head towards the entrance on the left and make sure you shoot the two enemies in the room as you move forward.

Prepare a flashbang and throw it towards the back of the room in front of you so that you don't blind yourself, and pick off any enemies that you can see in the room. As you enter the doorway into the room, pick up the M1014 shotgun from the floor and take out as many of the enemies as possible as they begin to rush the room until you have no ammo left. Pick up the P90 from the floor, move forward and make sure you take out the two or three enemies that will be hiding behind the wall on the left and right sides.

Move into the next room and take down the two enemies that begin to take cover behind the overturned desk. Move to the cover on the right and reload before progressing further. Once you have reloaded, move out of cover and throw a flashbang towards the back of the room. Move forward and take out the enemy on the right and begin to shoot any enemies taking cover behind the chairs and rushing down the stairs.

Reload again as you begin to make your way up the stairs, head right instead of left and throw a flashbang through the entrance at the top of the stairs, making sure that you don't stun yourself. Push forward into the room and take out as many enemies as possible until you have emptied your clip. Get in cover behind the chairs in the middle of the room, reload again. Push forward mopping up any enemies that might still be alive, and spray through the wall in front of you to take down the enemies hiding there. Head through the entrance on the left.

You should hopefully have about half of your clip and one flashbang remaining at this point. Throw your flashbang into the last hall, again moving into cover so that you don't stun yourself, and then push forward spraying at the enemies in front of you. As soon as you are out of ammo, switch to your pistol, and take out the enemies who are hiding at the end of the corridor.

Once the last enemy is down, sprint to the double doors in front of you. At this point, an enemy will open the door holding a hostage and you'll have 4 seconds to shoot him. At 1.0 seconds, you will have a clear headshot at the terrorist's head (to the left of the hostage). Once you hit the headshot, move into the room and wait for your squad to blow a hole in the side of the plane, before jumping out and skydiving to safety.

You can see the video from PMaka1991 below — it shows a run at full speed and a slower run with commentary that might prove useful:

How to Cheese the Mile High Club Trophy in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

This method won't give you the same sense of satisfaction that completing it properly does, but if you don't have the skill or patience to keep trying, this method will help you unlock the Mile High Club trophy very easily by following the steps below:

  • Start Mile High Club on the recruit difficulty.
  • Play through the level until you get to the point where the terrorist appears holding the hostage. Shoot the terrorist and continue into the next room.
  • Wait until your squad blows a hole in the side of the plane, and instead of leaping to safety, pause the game and hit Save and Quit.
  • Back out to the game's main menu, and choose Mission Select.
  • Tab over to Epilogue, select Mile High Club and choose Veteran difficulty.
  • As soon as the game begins to load, hold the PS button and close the application.
  • Boot up the game again, choose Campaign and select Resume Game.
  • You will be back at the hostage situation, but the wonders of cheesing has set the difficulty to Veteran
  • Shoot the terrorist, skydive to safety and wait for the trophy to unlock
These are just two of the strategies available for unlocking the Mile High Club trophy. Good luck!

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