The TrueTrophies Hangman Challenge – Statistics Roundup

By HitmanOllie, 4 months ago
Thank you to everyone who participated in our new Hangman Challenge. It was a highly popular challenge with 433 registrations on TrueTrophies. Check out all the phrases and the first winners below!

Phrase Completions Failures % First Completer
Miserable Little Pile of Secrets Castlevania: Symphony of the Night 10 2 83.33% CatatonicNali
All worlds begin in darkness, and all so end Kingdom Hearts 10 3 76.92% biff_beefcake
Please Do Better For The Viewers TT Slogan 6 2 75.00% PMDStrandbeest
Colonel Mustard With The Revolver In The Conservatory Clue (Cluedo) 7 3 70.00% SolaceCreed
Just How Good Are You TT Slogan 10 5 66.67% Hamster-X3
Community Challenge Convenient phrase 12 6 66.67% kintaris
A Man Chooses, A Slave Obeys - Andrew Ryan BioShock 8 4 66.67% Ben_J_Reynolds
No Gods or Kings. Only Man - Andrew Ryan BioShock 10 6 62.50% SinnTrophyHunter
Check Me Out! I'm Dancing! - ClapTrap Borderlands 8 5 61.54% Nightwasp
Would You Kindly Do This Challenge? Convenient phrase 9 6 60.00% xLilSheWolfx
From Down Town! Boom Shakalaka! - NBA Jam NBA Jam 9 6 60.00% AtsumaKarin
Our Princess is in another castle Super Mario Bros 9 6 60.00% CaptainRockman
Endure and survive - Ellie The Last of Us 10 7 58.82% Slayer1189
It's Time To Kick Ass And Chew Bubble Gum. And I'm All Out Of Gum Duke Nuke 'em 5 4 55.56% HelixNebula_x
War, War Never Changes - Fallout Fallout 6 5 54.55% JerkDeuce
You Sunk My Battleship Battleships 6 5 54.55% pluto189cultured
Spare me that terrible fate Convenient phrase 6 5 54.55% dwamaliki
All your TT are belong to us Popular meme 6 5 54.55% davem300490
Mrs. Peacock With The Candlestick In The Kitchen Clue (Cluedo) 6 5 54.55% AmarisSkye
Praise the Sun! - Solaire Of Astora Dark Souls 7 6 53.85% JumboWario
Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted Assassin's Creed 7 7 50.00% richUK
Until I Took An Arrow to the Knee Skyrim 6 6 50.00% Baranthez
Do A Barrel Roll - Peppy Hare Star Fox 64 6 6 50.00% AlexandyrZho
Professor Plum With The Rope In The Study Clue (Cluedo) 4 4 50.00% Commlal
That was too close. You were almost a Jill sandwich - Barry Burton Resident Evil 4 4 50.00% DragonessHera
It's Dangerous To Go Alone! Take This! The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3 4 42.86% AndyHat
Boy! - Kratos, God Of War God of War 5 7 41.67% D72shadow
In the end, our choices make us BioShock 5 7 41.67% donald047
Finish Him - Mortal Kombat Mortal Kombat 5 7 41.67% ProfaneCreation
You Have Died Of Dysentery The Oregon Trail 6 9 40.00% Zalsha
The cakes lied. I'm innocent! Portal influenced phrase 5 8 38.46% BoboMcGraw
Look, A Trophy For Dying TT Slogan 3 6 33.33% Leonek
Stay Awhile, And Listen - Deckard Cain Diablo 2 7 22.22% Edson_MotaJr
The easiest phrase for people to guess (and to find the relevant achievements to unlock) was a phrase one of the most famous lines in gaming history: "Miserable Little Pile of Secrets" from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Perhaps the new Castlevania Requiem Trophies — the first time Symphony of the Night has had trophies on PlayStation — triggered some fond memories in our community. The phrase with the fewest correct guesses was a line from Diablo's Deckard Cain — certainly an iconic character, but perhaps not quite up there with Castlevania's awesome incarnation of Dracula.

Here are some of the most popular achievements used in the event, with two recent titles — Apex Legends and Kingdom Hearts — providing a surprising number of opportunities to unlock some less common letters. HITMAN going free with PS Plus recently seems to have helped a lot of people reach the elusive "K" in their phrase.

Trophy Game #
Jumpmaster Apex Legends 26
Kill Leader Apex Legends 15
Lasting Memories KINGDOM HEARTS III 12
Team Player Apex Legends 11
Way of the Pirate KINGDOM HEARTS III 9
Finally, here are the letters that were "guessed" the most often. Whether they were all true guesses or just accidental unlocks is impossible to say!

Letter #
A 344
T 339
S 328
R 296
E 290
H 288
L 284
D 284
I 283
C 282
31 people have now complete the 5 Challenges we've run on TrueTrophies, since we invented the contest category with the Alphabet Challenge. Congratulations to those people and thanks for your continued support of our events!