Sony Offering Full Refunds of Anthem Due to PS4 Crashing

By Nicole René,
It’s not often that a game launches with a flawless performance. It’s even less often that a game launches and shuts down the console entirely in the process. Yet that’s the case with Bioware’s Anthem, as players have taken to Reddit to share their concerns about the game’s imminent crashing on the PS4.

08/02/2019 - Carousel

Fortunately, it appears that Sony have begun issuing refunds for those affected. Though there are quite a few exceptions to the transaction (players who pre-ordered the title seem to be ineligible for cash back), the refund accounts for the total cost of Anthem. Refunds will not be given for the consoles themselves, if any damage is received.

The company's change of heart with their "no refund policy" is likely due to the severity of the crashes. According to one comment, the console will shut down as though the power plug has been pulled — leading to the irritating system repair reboot, as well as a likely reset for any external storage attached. Another redditor noted that Sony's refunds may be based on the existing "goodwill" system, in which every player can receive a refund on one game only. There's no simple way of telling whether or not you're eligible without making a call, so for those looking to refund their own copy of the game, be careful.


It appears that only PS4 versions of the game are suffering such dramatic crashes. But no matter the console, there's no doubt that Anthem has taken a blow. With arguably low sales, various wide-scale bugs, and a bitter fan-base, Bioware's future is once again at risk.

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