Fortnite Season 8 Guide - The Biggest Changes

By Rebecca Smith, 7 months ago
Thanks to the teasing done by developer Epic Games, players were expecting pirates to emerge for the start of Fortnite Season 8 on February 28th. What they might not have been expecting was a giant volcano, or a three-way battle between pirates, ninjas, and abominable snowman for treasure where X marks the spot. This has all been caused by the freeing of the Prisoner from the Ice King's castle, and it has created quite a few changes to which players must adjust. Here's a quick lowdown on those changes:

Map Changes

A new volcano has emerged in the top right corner of the Battle Royale map, swallowing up the Cargo container park and bringing a number of new locations with it. Sunny Steps, a new jungle temple area, has replace Wailing Woods, which explains why the area began decaying the day before the update took place. Meanwhile, Lazy Links has been replaced by Lazy Lagoon, which boasts a Pirate Ship as its main feature. Finally, the motel has been replaced with The Block, which has moved from its original position. As such, Risky Reels has returned.

Season 8

Lava and Volcanic Vents

The volcano isn't inactive; in fact, it's spewing lava out the side. Players who come into contact with the lava will suffer 1 damage per touch, but if they feel like the damage is worth it, they can use it to bounce out of danger. Volvanic vents are a more predictable means of escaping an area. These vents will send both players and vehicles skywards thanks to the gusts of hot air they emit.

Season 8

Pirate Cannons

Pirate cannons have been added to the Battle Royale map on the Pirate Ship at Lazy Lagoon, and various other locations around the map. Players can move the cannons into position to fire cannonballs at their opponents. Alternatively, they can climb into barrels and fire themselves across the map. Both cannonballs and players will travel through objects that stand in their way, before coming to an explosive halt that causes 100 damage to enemies with a direct hit and 50 damage to those within a small radius.

Season 8

Vaulted Items

The following items have been vaulted with the new season:
  • Sneaky Snowman
  • Chiller Grenade
  • X-4 Stormwing
  • Shopping Cart
  • All Terrain Kart

Battle Pass

With a new Season comes a new Battle Pass, adding 100 levels and over 100 new rewards like Outfits, Wraps, Emotes, and Pets — you can check out the full list of loot here. Levelling up the pass to level 100 will typically take 75-150 hours of play depending on player skill, although tier unlocks can be purchased for 150 V-bucks each to make things a bit quicker.

The pass can be purchased for 950 V-bucks and will instantly unlock the Blackheart and Hybrid progressive outfits. Alternatively, players can purchase the Battle Bundle that includes the Battle Pass and automatically unlocks the next 25 Tiers of progression — this costs 2,800 V-bucks. Players who completed the 13 free Overtime Challenges in the Share the Love event will receive the Season 8 Battle Pass for free, or they can upgrade to a Battle Bundle for a discounted price.

Party Assist

Party Assist is a new way to complete Daily and Weekly challenges. By enabling Party Assist before the start of a match, players within your party can help you to complete the challenge objectives. For example, if two players in the party deal damage to a vehicle, both players' damage will count towards the challenge. This only includes players who were in your party because they were added via the lobby screen. Those added automatically during matchmaking, or teammates from larger team modes like Team Rumble, will not be able to help out.

Save The World

A new Hero Loadout system is now made out of seven components, instead of the three previously found in the game. For a more comprehensive breakdown of the system, you can take a look at the game's official site. Meanwhile, there's a new Love Storm quest, and Plankerton now has a new lakeside appearance.

Season 8


Creative players get to try out the new Jungle Temple prefab for themselves, and the Playgrounds feature has had some renovations, including the addition of four featured Creative Islands that can be explored by up to 16 players at a time.

Season 8

Season 8 lasts for the customary ten weeks and will end on May 8th. For the full list of changes and bug fixes introduced for the start of the season, visit the game's official website here.

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