More Details Emerge for Red Dead Online Beta PlayStation Early Access Content

By Rebecca Smith,
Last week, Rockstar told PlayStation 4 players that this week's Red Dead Online beta update would include early access to certain content, but there weren't many details available. Now that the update has arrived today, PlayStation Blog has filled in some of the details.

Jawbone knife

As its name suggests, the Jawbone knife is carved from the remains of an animal's jaw. It can be purchased from below-board fences near Emerald Ranch, Rhodes, Van Horn Trading Post, Thieves Landing, or Saint Denis. There's also early access to over 150 new clothing items, such as special variants of the" snake adorned Diamondback hat, the double-breasted Hartman jacket, the sleek cowhide Comstock boots", vests, and gloves. Finally, in terms of character customisation anyway, there are three new emotes too.

In the near future, PS4 players will get exclusive access to the Special Series. This is a list that allows access to all of the early access game modes, and it can be found on the map with a diamond icon. Alternatively, it can be accewssed through the quick join menu. The first mode to arrive will be the Open Target races, where up to 16 players compete to take down all of the checkpoints in an open area before everybody else. The checkpoints can be taken down in any order, but only with a bow and arrow or a very limited supply of bullets. Of course, they can also be used to take down opponents. Weapon and horse stamina pickups will come in use, but it's player skill and speed that will be the ultimate decider.

All of the early access content is available now with the exception of the Special Series, which will be arriving "in the coming weeks". In the future, new content will include the Evans Repeater rifle, new competitive gameplay modes, changing weekly bonuses, and new limited-time clothing stock.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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