Apex Construct Sees Surge In Sales Thanks to Apex Legends

By Rebecca Smith,
If there's one thing that I feel is becoming more obvious as I get older, it's that people aren't willing to own up to their mistakes. They'd rather blame somebody else than admit they did something wrong. There's a perfect example of this going on right now in a story shared by Fast Travel Games, the developer of Apex Construct. As you likely already know by now, the hugely popular Apex Legends was released at the start of the month, and players have been mixing up the two titles. Despite the latter title being exclusive to EA Origins on PC, the result has been a surge in sales of Apex Construct on Steam, and disgruntled players have been placing the blame squarely in the hands of Fast Travel Games for their mistake.

Apex Construct

There's a quite obvious lack of similarities between the two games. The battle royale set in the Titanfall universe is nothing like Construct's VR-required "story-driven, single player action/adventure" where players use a bow and shield to take down AI-controlled enemy robots. There's also the fact that Construct carries a price tag of US$29.99 — it's certainly not free-to-play and is something that you'd have thought would raise a red flag in the minds of potential players.

The result is that the game has sold more units in China in a single week than they did for the entirety of 2018. The game's Steam page has seen a 4000% increase in page views. However, the downside is that instead of simply getting a refund for the game purchased in error, players have been review bombing Apex Construct, because that's the totally mature way of reacting to making a mistake. While the developer is rather understanding of the refund situation, the review issue could be far more damaging in the long run.

Fast Travel Games hasn't mentioned any difference in sales on PlayStation 4, although it would be natural to assume there's been a similar effect there. Just make sure you're not expecting a Battle Royale title if you choose to grab Apex Construct in the future.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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