The Best PS4 Battle Royale Games Available in 2019

By Dave Horobin,
The sense of satisfaction you get from being the last player or team standing in a huge battle royale game is immensely rewarding, so it's no surprise that the genre has exploded over the course of the past couple of years. With bigger AAA publishers now eager to get in on the action and fight it out for your hard earned money, the number of battle royale games available to play on the PlayStation 4 is increasing all of the time. From the original indie titles that exploded such as PUBG and H1Z1 through to bigger titles with huge development and marketing budgets adding in battle royale modes of their own, fans of the battle royale genre have more choice for which game to start next than ever before.

To help you decide which one check out next, we've used our community ratings to list in no particular order the best battle royale games available on the PS4 in 2019.

Apex Legends

04/02/2019 - Carousel

Arriving out of nowhere in early February of this year, the fast-paced and free-to-play Apex Legends is far more than the quick cash grab from Respawn and EA that many of us might have thought when rumours of its release began to appear. Instead, the developers have obviously put some thought into the game, with a diverse cast of characters that each have their own unique abilities, squad-based gameplay, and an innovative ping feature that lets you communicate with teammates without the use of a mic. Only time will tell if Apex Legends is here to stay, but at the moment, the hype surrounding the game doesn't show any signs of slowing down.

Fortnite: Battle Royale


When Fortnite was originally revealed, there was no mention of a battle royale. What we saw was an intriguing game about searching for supplies, building fortifications and fighting off waves of monsters in co-op. When the game launched in July 2017 with it's Save the World mode, no-one could have imagined the impact it would have when Epic announced that they would be adding a free-to-play battle royale mode to Fortnite in September 2017. Since then, its child-friendly cartoonish design has gone on to take the gaming world by storm and make Epic billions of dollars. With a unique base building aspect thrown into the battle royale mix and a steady stream of updates to keep players interested, there's no other game quite like it.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 — Blackout

30/10/2018 - Carousel

With the hype surrounding the battle royale genre showing no sign of slowing down, it wasn't any great surprise that one of the industry's big guns decided to dive into the action. The first one arrived in October 2018 when Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 released with a new Blackout mode. Merging the tight gunplay and mechanics that the Call of Duty series is best known for with the popular battle royale format sounds like the perfect match, and thankfully it is. With big budget visuals and enough tweaks to the formula to make it feel like it's adding its own unique spin to the genre, it's hard to imagine a future Call of Duty title not including its own take on Blackout.



H1Z1 arrived in beta on the PS4 in early 2018, before releasing fully as a free-to-play battle royale last August, but it's far from a newcomer on the scene. Originally released on Steam's early access in January 2015, Brendan Greene (aka PlayerUnknown) was contracted to work on the game with Daybreak Games before he later moved on to work with Bluehole on PUBG. It offers a more arcade-like feel than PUBG with fewer weapons, no attachments and less looting. If you're looking see what the hype of the battle royale genre is all about, H1Z1 might be the perfect place to start.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds


Starting life as a mod for the PC shooter ARMA, PUBG took the gaming world by storm when it released on Steam, selling over 20 million copies in early access. Whilst other games had included battle royale modes, PUBG was the first game to gain major traction and bring the genre to the place it is now. Unfortunately, we had to wait until December of 2018 to finally get the chance to see what all the fuss was about on the PS4, but now its here, it's easy to see why players got sucked in. With a steady stream of new maps and gameplay tweaks, it might not be the hottest new thing that everyone is talking about these days, but it still has an army of loyal and passionate players.
Dave Horobin
Written by Dave Horobin
Dave is the TrueTrophies Social Manager and has been a Newshound since 2010. When he's not chasing developers and publishers for early review copies, he can usually be found on the TrueTrophies social pages discussing all things TT related.
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