FIFA: EA Price-Fixes Emiliano Sala FUT Items to Honor His Legacy

By Dave Horobin, 4 months ago
Last night Dorset Police confirmed that a body recovered from the sea off of the Channel Islands has been identified as the recently transferred Cardiff City player Emiliano Sala. In response EA has announced a number of measures to "respectfully honor his legacy" in the FIFA franchise.

The squad update released this morning has made the following changes:
  • Sala will be removed from FC Nantes in FIFA.
  • Sala's FUT items will no longer be available in packs.
  • Sala's FUT items price range will be permanently fixed at their current value.
You can see the full in-game message below:

FIFA: Emiliano Sala Price-Fixed in FUT Market to Honor His Legacy

The update follows on from the decision made on January 22nd when EA "temporarily" reduced the max price range of Sala's FUT items in an attempt to stop a small minority of players tastelessly profiting in-game after it was announced the striker's plane had gone missing. Before his move to Cardiff City from FC Nantes, his 77 rated card was selling for around 800 coins but quickly increased to 10,000 once details of the tragedy began to emerge.

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Dave Horobin
Written by Dave Horobin
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