Happy Friday TT! Last week's poll was our traditional monthly preview. Which game has you most excited for February? It wasn't particularly close, with Metro Exodus getting 22.5% of your vote. EA's massive service game, Anthem polled well too, though not quite as highly as "None" because our community is wonderfully diverse — or perhaps just waiting for things to go on sale...

This week, we're still catching our breath following the launch of Apex Legends, the new free to play battle royale/hero shooter hybrid from Respawn. It's been the talk of the industry, but what do you think of it so far? Sound off in this week's poll!

04/02/2019 - Carousel

This game was featured in our Best PS4 First-Person Shooters article. Why not check it out to see what else made the cut?
What is your early opinion of Apex Legends?
  • I love it!11.36% (20)
  • I like it10.8% (19)
  • I dislike it5.11% (9)
  • I strongly dislike it1.14% (2)
  • I haven't played it yet but I want to15.91% (28)
  • I haven't played it yet and I don't want to53.41% (94)
  • Other2.27% (4)
We've had 176 responses.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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