Apex Legends Data Points To A Future Ranked Mode

By Sam Quirke,
Long time Fortnite players will know that one of the most requested upgrades to the behemoth battle royale is the inclusion of a ranked mode to drive fair play and ensure a fun experience for all. Apex Legends may beat them to it, if a recent spot in data-mined code is anything to go by. Dextero originally reported on a tweet by StoutFN_:

Looking at the above code, lines 95 and 96 refer to toggling display and voice, but make specific reference to "ranked play". Now it's worth taking this with a pinch of salt — even if the code screenshot is legitimate, it's pretty common for old references to be left in code by mistake or we may just be misunderstanding the terminology altogether. It's almost certainly something that Respawn must be thinking about in order to get a crucial advantage over Fortnite though. With the advantage of building a Battle Royale from the ground up, plus Respawn's ranked multiplayer expertise and EA's financial backing, we wouldn't be surprised if a ranked mode is the next big update for the game.

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Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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