Poll: What's Your Most Anticipated Release in February 2019?

By Mark Delaney and Sam Quirke,
Happy Friday, it's time for a poll! Last time, we asked TT for the community's opinion on PlayStation VR following a critically successful year for games on the platform. Although 9% of you picked up a headset thanks to those releases, and a further 11% bought a VR kit thanks to some welcome price drops, over half of you still aren't ready to pick one up — a quarter of you still can't stick the price, while the other quarter simply aren't interested.

This week, it's back to the start of a new month, which some of you already know means we're taking the temperature of the new releases in the four weeks ahead. February is that month the gaming community has been talking about since E3, with several major games coming out very soon, including a bunch all on the same exact day. The fervor of February has since quieted down just a little as Days Gone on PS4 was moved to a later date, but we're hardly lacking still.


All that said, let's put some stats on it. Which game has you most excited? The anime mashup Jump Force? The unrelenting DiRT Rally 2.0? Sound off in this week's poll!
What's your most anticipated February 2019 release?
  • Anthem15.53% (25)
  • Dirt Rally 2.03.11% (5)
  • Far Cry New Dawn10.56% (17)
  • Jump Force4.35% (7)
  • Metro Exodus22.36% (36)
  • Trials Rising6.21% (10)
  • Wargroove4.97% (8)
  • God Eater 36.21% (10)
  • Other8.7% (14)
  • None18.01% (29)
We've had 161 responses.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
Mark has been gaming for over two decades and writing for the TrueGaming Network since 2011. He greatly prefers single-player to online modes, but is always taking challengers in Rocket League and Madden. Aside from games, he loves sci-fi, NFL football (go Titans), and biking. He'll be disappointed when The Last of Us 2 is announced.