Anthem Easter Egg Turns The Main Menu Theme Into a Chip-tune

By Sam Quirke,
The Anthem VIP demo may have been plagued by issues, but there's some fun secrets to be found. One discovered this week was a secret alternative theme song hidden away by the notorious Konami Code — as discovered by Cheese Forever in the video below and later reported by TweakTown.

The video has been verified by several players testing out the Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right Circle Cross combo on the game's main menu, which converts the menu theme into a synthy chip-tune variant of itself. Most notably, BioWare's Director of Audio Jeremie Voillot pretty much confirmed its inclusion by appearing in a Reddit thread about its inclusion.

The discovery serves as a reminder that if anyone wants 15 minutes of gaming fame, there's no harm in trying out the Konami Code wherever possible.

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Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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