Spider-Man's Two New Suits are Fantastic

By Rebecca Smith,
Three weeks ago, Marvel let the cat out of the bag and teased Fantastic Four content for Marvel's Spider-Man. At the time, we guessed it might involve the Bag-Man costume, seeing as over the four months since the game's release, Insomniac Games has been slowly increasing the number of costumes available for the superhero. Well, we were right. This week's Patch 1.14 has added two more costumes to the game for free, bringing the total number available to 40.

Patch 1.14

The Bombastic Bag-Man costume comes from issue #258 of the Amazing Spider-Man comic. Spider-Man was wearing an alien symbiote as a costume and he asked the Fantastic Four for help to remove it. While they managed to do so, Spider-Man was left without a costume, so he borrowed one from the Fantastic Four. To make sure his secret identity remained hidden, the Human Torch gave him a paper bag to wear on his head. Don't worry, the cut eye holes in it! Of course, that symbiote costume later became Venom. Will we ever see that costume in the game?

Patch 1.14

The Future Foundation costume was a result of another meeting between Spider-man and the Fantastic Four, only this time he joined them. Back then they were known as the Future Foundation and wore black and white costumes, not the blue ones with which we associate them today.

We don't have any other patch notes to suggest what else might have been included with the update, but I'm sure you'll be happy with the costumes anyway. Patch 1.14 is available now.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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