New Survival Mode Teased for Fallout 76

By Nicole René,
Last week, Bethesda teased upcoming content for Fallout 76, although very few details were given. It was recently revealed that this project has been titled "Survival," and it's the new game mode arriving for fans in the future. With Patch 5 on the way as well, there's plenty to see on what's to come.

Fallout 76

Inspired by more "competitive" players, Survival Mode comes with decreased restrictions on PVP combat and a higher risk when exploring. Supported with ranked leaderboards, all players outside of a team or group are considered hostile, meaning any survivor can kill, or be killed. The mode will be accessible through the main menu with the option to create an entirely new character upon launch. Pre-existing characters can also be used; however, anything that happens in survival mode—good or bad—will be carried over into Adventure mode as well.

As for Patch 5, the majority of fixes are still directed at bugs and glitches that remain in-game. However, weapon and armor modifications are also set to change. Due to an issue with players unintentionally scrapping mods, the process must now be done manually with any modifications that are loose. Furthermore, both the the Two-Shot and Explosive legendary mods have received balance tweaks to adjust the damage output. More upcoming fixes are listed below:
  • A “(Known)” tag will now appear next to recipes and plans you’ve already learned in Vendor and player inventories, and trade menus.
  • The Traveling Pharmacy Perk will now correctly reduce the weight of RadAway and other Chems.
  • Early Warnings quest progress will no longer become stuck when crafting Upgraded Motors, and logging out after crafting Upgraded Motors will no longer reset the quest tracker to 0/5.
  • And many more bug fixes
Finally, Bethesda noted that additional exploits would also be addressed in the future, as they continue to investigate reports sent in by players. The rest of Patch 5 will be revealed on the day of launch.

Fallout 77

The Survival Mode beta is expected to launch sometime in March with more updates planned further in the future. Patch 5 is still scheduled to release at the end of January.

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