Starblood Arena Will Be Shut Down Later This Year

By Sam Quirke, 5 months ago
VR multiplayer space fighter StarBlood Arena is having its online servers shut down, effectively rendering the game unplayable. Naturally this will affect its entire trophy list.


Although it seems that a lot of the trophies can be earned in single-player against bots, the legal disclaimer that brought us this news suggests that you need to log into the game's servers to even access the single-player content. This shutdown means that even single player modes will be unavailable.

Here's the exact quote from Sony's legal page:

Multiplayer and all online features for StarBlood Arena will be terminated and will no longer be available on 25th July 2019. As you have to be online to play this title, this game will not be playable from that date.
If you want to grab the trophies in this title before the servers switch off in July, you're going to face a bit of a grind with very few other players online — though some claim all trophies can be earned eventually in the single-player mode. It's also worth noting that the game is PlayStation VR required, so you will not be able to play it at all without a headset.

If you are interested in picking it up you can find the game pretty cheap physically at both Amazon US and Amazon UK, as well as many other retailers. Just make sure you get it soon and prepare for an intense grind before July 25th 2019.

We've got the full list of StarBlood Arena trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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