Metro Exodus Shows Off Characters, Creatures, And Rifles

By Andy Mills,
Yesterday, 4A Games and publisher Deep Silver provided a look at some of the weapons Artyom will wield in the upcoming Metro Exodus. At the time, they promised a more detailed look at weapons in each of the game's four classes. We have the first of those looking at the rifles today, but 4A Games has also released some character art so we'll be taking a look at those first.

The first batch of images show some of the human characters in Exodus. That includes protagonist Artyom, returning characters like Anna and Miller, and even one simply called "Idiot".

In the other batch of images, we get a look at some of the creatures set to feature. Man may or may not be the world's most dangerous animal, but that doesn't mean these can't do their fair share of damage to Artyom and co.

It's time for that weapon video we promised you. The video takes the time to look at the rifles of Metro Exodus — the Kalash, the Bulldog and the Valve — including the customisation options on offer to allow each rifle to be valuable in a multitude of different ways. Check out these breakdowns (as well as seeing a little of each in action) below.

You'll be able to try out each of these rifles on those creatures when Metro Exodus leaves the station on February 15th.

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Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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