Darth Tyranus Update Brings Count Dooku to Star Wars Battlefront II

By Rebecca Smith,
At the start of the month, DICE revealed a month of events for Star Wars Battlefront II. At the same time, they confirmed this month's Darth Tyranus update would be arriving today, January 23rd, and it would be bringing Count Dooku to the game as a Hero, as well as two new appearances. Today, we have a full list of the additions and improvements the patch has brought, including making the Geonosis map available in additional game modes.


Count Dooku is a "master duelist" who is renowned for his close quarters lightsaber combat. He can also deflect lightsabers more easily than other heroes thanks to a wider blocking range and a lower stamina depletion. On the downside, he can't block blaster shots. He also has a Lightning Stun ability where he unleashes a blast of lightning that throws nearby opponents to the ground. The hero is available today to unlock for 35,000 credits. An alternative Dark Ritual Appearance will be available on January 30th, with a third alternative due to appear in February. You can find a full list of his abilities, Star Cards and other features below:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Geonosis has been added to the Heroes vs Villains and Blast game modes. To be more applicable to the smaller scale game modes, the reduced size map is set within the Geonosian canyons. If you want to get some practice on the map before jumping into those modes, it has also been added to the Custom Arcade mode.

The full list of changes and new features added with the Darth Tyranus update can be found in the spoiler below.

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The Darth Tyranus update is available now.

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