HITMAN 2 Gets a Snow Festival in the Latest Update

By Sam Quirke,
HITMAN 2 is taking a festive trip to Hokkaido for its first update in the new year, including some winter weather gear for Agent 47 for those who have opted for the Season Pass. The patch contains a bunch of fixes too.


According to IO Interactives's latest post, this wintry seasonal event includes the release of the Winter Sports Pack, currently only available to Expansion Pass holders. The pack includes a Winter Sports Suit, a Snowball throwable weapon, a Piton which can be used as a weapon, a Quickdraw climbing rope (which for 47 naturally becomes a fiber wire) and an Arctic Tool Box which can store illegal items.


For those who haven't paid out for the Expansion Pass, there's still plenty to enjoy in the Snow Festival event. As of yesterday anyone with the Legacy Pack can head to Hokkaido and take on the Snow Master Challenge Pack that will reward players with the Ice Pick and the Snow Festival Suit. If you don't own HITMAN 2 at all, the entire Hokkaido Legacy location (and the Snow Festival event) can be download for free while the event is running. It'll show up today from 13:00 GMT for PlayStation 4 players until the same time on February 12th. Any progress you make will carry over into the main game if you choose to purchase it.

Aside from these additions, the patch includes a whole bunch of improvements and fixes, which you will find in the spoiler tags below.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

The update is available now for all players and should be just over 1GB to download.

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