Rumour: EA Has Cancelled the Star Wars Open World Game

By Sam Quirke,
According to reports, EA has now completely cancelled the Star Wars open world title that was being reworked following Visceral's demise. A much shorter, simpler Star Wars game will reportedly be out in 2020.


As we reported well over a year ago, Visceral's linear Star Wars title Ragtag was canned and the studio dissolved, with the project moved to EA Vancouver with several other EA studios working to turn it into something new. Later EA admitted that the major issue with Ragtag was that it was too linear.

Now, it seems the company can't make a big open world game out of it either. Kotaku's Jason Schreier often speaks with inside sources and gets the scoop on this sort of thing. In his latest report, Schreier's sources claim that the project was still in the early stages of development. In a small nod to the Ragtag concept it seems that players would have played a bounty hunter or scoundrel of some sort exploring the galaxy and interacting with various Star Wars factions. Apparently EA executives saw that they needed a Star Wars game out of the gate much sooner than this "Project Orca" could deliver, and so Orca has been shelved. This shorter game could come out towards the end of 2020.

There is one silver lining. This time around, it doesn't look like there are any immediate redundancies or studio closures on the cards. However if this new shorter Star Wars game is made so by becoming linear... we can only imagine that Visceral's former staff will have something to say about it.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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