Devil May Cry 5 May Have One of the Longest Campaigns In The Series

By Sam Quirke, 4 months ago
During a press conference in Seoul, Devil May Cry 5 director Hideaki Itsuno answered a few questions about the upcoming title. He revealed the game's expected length and the possibility of additional characters later down the line.


Hideaki Itsuno stated that according to internal play testing, the game should clock in at about 15 hours. Of course for trophy hunters we can probably expect a much longer effort to get 100% — Devil May Cry 4 is estimated at 80-100 hours to fully complete.

Additionally the director hinted that another playable protagonist could be added if there was enough demand from players. There are already three playable protagonists in the game — series regulars Nero and Dante, as well as the mysterious newcomer known as V.

There's a second demo on the way too. This one will not be Xbox exclusive, and will arrive on February 7th.

Devil May Cry 5 releases on March 8th 2019.

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Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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