Song of Memories Characters Won't Have Ages, To Avoid Censorship

By Sam Quirke, 7 months ago
UPDATE: PQube have also announced the release date for Song of Memories in the West today — it's due on February 1st. There's a new trailer, too:

Original Story:
As Sony continue to tighten their censorship criteria, publisher PQube have offered a simple solution to getting Song of Memories past the checkpoints and into Western stores. Characters' ages are being removed, and the action doesn't technically take place in a school any more...

PQube have been relatively vocal about the pressures they have been under to meet Sony's changing censorship standards, which is understandable given the kind of content they specialise in. Wherever you land in the argument, it seems clear that Sony could do with being upfront with publishers — and pre-ordering customers — about the exact criteria.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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