12 Days of Christmas Challenge 2018 Stats Roundup

By Dave Horobin, 4 months ago
Our latest community challenge, 12 Days of Christmas 2018, drew to a close with the start of the New Year. As always, we thought it would be interesting to share some of the stats from the event.

For those of you that didn't take part, the aim of the challenge was simple. Each day from December 3rd until December 14th, we revealed a new trophy or game related challenge that participants had to complete, in order, by the end of the month.

Introducing The Twelve Days of Christmas 2018 Community Challenge

Number of Registrations:


Number of Participants Who Completed the Challenge:

169 (30.61%)

10 Quickest Gamers to Complete the Challenge:

Gamer Time Taken After 12th Challenge Was Revealed
Nightwasp 2:31:59
LiquidCode 2:52:21
donald047 2:55:46
Str8Flushin 3:31:53
richUK 3:37:03
DerHerzeleid 5:52:04
Tsakura 6:18:48
OnkelLangi 8:08:49
Gunbunnyxx 9:14:12
xStOnEhEaDx 9:34:40

Top 10 Most Commonly Used Trophies:

Achievement Total
Stay on Target in ONRUSH 44
What does this button do? in ONRUSH 41
No Hard Feelings in ONRUSH 40
…Bearded Travelers in Burly Men at Sea 37
A Bargain to Make in Burly Men at Sea 36
Ready for the RUSH in ONRUSH 36
Thus is Thy Fate Sealed in Burly Men at Sea 35
Begone! in Burly Men at Sea 33
Well Met… in Burly Men at Sea 28
Complimentary Trip to the Afterlife in Burly Men at Sea 26

Top 10 Games by Number of Trophies Unlocked:

Game Total
Burly Men at Sea 468
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End 201
Life Is Strange 200
Spider-Man 191
Ratchet & Clank 178
Rocket League 156
Rise of the Tomb Raider 146
Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition 140
Spyro the Dragon 137

Most Common Trophy Used for Each Daily Challenge:

Challenge Most Common Trophy Total
Trophy from an RPG Followed Rost's teachings in Horizon: Zero Dawn 5
Two Bonus Contents The Children in BATMAN – The Telltale Series 9
Three Shiny Silvers Complimentary Trip to the Afterlife in Burly Men at Sea 8
Four Online Unlocks What does this button do? in ONRUSH 15
Five Gold Trophies A Bargain to Make in Burly Men at Sea 33
Six PS Plus Games What does this button do? in ONRUSH 26
Seven Shooter Genres Patched Up in Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition 13
Eights Games A Milking Red Eye in Life Is Strange 12
Nine Letter Spelling She's a Goner in Burly Men at Sea 11
Ten Dudes A Jumping Explorer in Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition 8
Eleven Great Exclusives Winner Winner Sandshark Dinner in Ratchet & Clank 6
Twelve Letter Counting OCEAN SWIMMER in Zeus Quest Remastered 16

Number of Gamers Who Completed Each Challenge:

Challenge Total
Trophy from an RPG 436
Two Bonus Contents 369
Three Shiny Silvers 345
Four Online Unlocks 315
Five Gold Trophies 271
Six PS Plus Games 253
Seven Shooter Genres 240
Eights Games A Milking 213
Nine Letter Spelling 200
Ten Dudes A Jumping 194
Eleven Great Exclusives 183
Twelve Letter Counting 169

Total Trophy XP Unlocked:


Total TT Score Unlocked:


Gamers That Have Completed Both 12 Days Challenges:


Gamers That Have Completed All Four Community Challenges:


Thank you to all of you that took part in the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge 2018. We'll have more community challenges and events coming throughout 2019, so keep your eyes on the homepage for future updates from the Community and Events team.
Dave Horobin
Written by Dave Horobin
Dave is the TrueTrophies Social Manager and has been a Newshound since 2010. When he's not chasing developers and publishers for early review copies, he can usually be found on the TrueTrophies social pages discussing all things TT related.