Weekend Announcements January 4th-6th: Angry Birds, Granblue Fantasy, and More

By Rebecca Smith,
The holidays are over and we're back with the first Weekend Announcements of the year. There are seven games for you to see today, all of which will be coming to PlayStation 4. Some will even be appearing on PlayStation VR. Take a look and see if there's anything you like in the list below.

Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs

Platforms: PlayStation 4 (PlayStation VR required)
Release Window: Early 2019
Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs will allow fans of the incredibly popular franchise to swoop in on a remote island to take on the infamous green pigs with the help of their favorite Angry Birds characters.

Dogfighter -WW2-

Platforms: PlayStation 4
Release Window: Spring 2019
In the aerial combat battle (dog fight) game which is spreading against the backdrop of the next world war, it is a game which enjoys a battle while operating Zero game, Spitfire, Mustang etc that was active at the time.

Developed with the Unreal Engine 4, with the background of France's Le Havre at the time of the Second World War, the scenario mode where you can play the fierce battle of the Allied forces and the German Air Force as a pilot. You can experience Allied Army and Axis Army with the selected aircraft. We will carry out various missions including enemy formation sinking, radar bombing, battleship bombing.

Up to 40 fighter planes will perform an air fight with the battle royal method until the last one survives. You can enjoy strategic play by acquiring items such as defense tool / attack weapon / turning force / oil efficiency / attack speed / oil / fitness recovery / bullet / bomb from the air.

Echoes VR

Platforms: PlayStation 4 (PlayStation VR compatible)
Release Window: April 2019
Life on Earth withers, and the last hope of the planet lies deep inside. You are part of a Ghena recon mission, 6.236 meters beneath the sea. An abyssal beast wrecks your submarine, and you find yourself isolated, stuck in a system of underground caves, alone in a harsh environment, inhabited by unique vegetal life and creatures unknown to the surface world. It’s a secret world, where no man has ever set foot.

And thus, your story begins.

Echoes VR is an immersive VR-Compatible First Person Shooter that mixes stealth, action-adventure and survival. Your journey is lived through our unique use of VR: grab a gun from your back, take a vial from your waist and use your hand to navigate through your holographic interface.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus

Platforms: PlayStation 4
Release Window: 2019
Granblue Fantasy: Versus is a classic beat ‘em up being developed by Arc System Works under the direction of Cygames and will be released on PlayStation®4. Designed to appeal to fighting game novices and veterans alike, it marries the characters, artwork, and story from one of Japan’s most fervently loved RPGs with a classic beat ‘em up design courtesy of one of the world’s greatest fighting game developers. With characters from the original Granblue Fantasy series, such as Gran, Katalina, and Lancelot, the game will be a must-have for existing fans, while providing a new way for western gamers to experience the series for the first time.

Each character will boast a full suite of special moves based on their abilities from the original game and while Versus will maintain the beautiful visual design of the original series, it will also introduce a host of new features that will usher in a new era for fighting games.

Gungrave Gore

Platforms: PlayStation 4
Release Window: December 2019
Get rid of Raven Clan, clan that makes the drug called "SEED", with full break and amazing action. Latest graphics and brand new story will enhance your gaming experience!


Platforms: PlayStation 4
Release Window: Q1 2019
Momentus is a gravity defying platform game. The idea is that you have to jump from object to object to get to the finish, but theres a catch. You can only stick to objects which are the same colour as you. Once you stick to an object, the centre of gravity changes to that object so you are able to build momentum. Building momentum then enables you to fling yourself from object to object so that you can progress through the level. Watch out for the death zones!

Sydney Hunter & The Curse Of The Mayan

Platforms: PlayStation 4
Release Window: 2019
The Maya calendar “Haab” nears the end of the great cycle, marking the start of Wayeb, five nameless days that are considered to be extremely unlucky. During Wayeb, the Maya believe the world is vulnerable and defenseless. Fear fills the hearts of all civilization. In this time of weakness, Kukulkan, the feared deity, descends to the ancient temple to stop the great cycle from starting anew. Doomsday draws near. Unless a savior emerges to stop Kukulkan’s desire to freeze time.

You play as Sydney Hunter, an explorer who happens to get trapped inside a Maya pyramid while he is out exploring the region. He soon discovers that Kukulkan has broken up the important Haab calendar into seven separate pieces, and hiding them through the area. This has caused chaos, and time freezing if the Haab calendar isn’t found and put back together in time. The local Maya ask Sydney to now go out and find all seven pieces of the Haab calendar, defeat Kukulkan, and bring peace and balance back to the Maya civilization, and restoring time to continue.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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