The Top Five Most Played PS VR Games of 2018

By Sam Quirke,
It's been a bumper year for PlayStation VR, surprising many pundits with a variety of deep and entertaining games that improve upon classic mechanics. But there are few surprises in this year's top five titles, according to TrueTrophies' community stats.

5 — Beat Saber

Beat Saber

This one would probably rank higher if it wasn't for a recent release date and the fact that you do have to invest in those pesky Move controllers that aren't even manufactured anymore. Beat Saber is in some ways an ultimate evolution of the rhythm arcade genre, allowing you to wield two light-sabers and go to town like you're auditioning for Whiplash. Find your perfect difficulty setting and you can feel like a drumming god and Darth Maul at the same time — just make sure you don't have any valuable objects within about 10 feet of your play area.

4 — The Inpatient

Announcement screens

Possibly the only true surprise in this list, The Inpatient is perhaps the only game in our top five that hasn't been tossed around in the year's Game of the Year considerations across the industry — a startling feat in itself for PlayStation VR. Nevertheless, plenty of people enjoyed this creepy experience, set sixty years before the events of popular interactive teen horror movie Until Dawn. Expect the upcoming The Dark Pictures - Man Of Medan to have a similar vibe to this short but scary tale.

3 — Moss


The most disappointing aspect of adorable mousey platformer Moss is that it released in a year filled with innovative VR experiences. While some may argue that Moss doesn't technically need VR in order for its basic charm and gameplay to work, the headset experience really does elevate it. Regardless it's simply a lovely platforming adventure that deserves more accolades — if it hadn't been for the existence of our next entry, it may have been a front runner for VR Game of the Year...

2 — ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission

Astro Bot

Sorry Moss, but Astro Bot arrived out of nowhere to redefine the joy of 3D platforming for the modern era. Some have compared the joy of experiencing this game's ingenuity to the first time they booted up Super Mario 64, and my twenty minutes with the game at EGX this year was a literal system-seller. If you don't "get" the PlayStation VR thing and you haven't had a go yet, find someone with a headset and try out this wonderful fusion of classic platforming and brilliant technological innovation. I suspect it would probably be my Game of the Year if I wasn't still waiting for my headset to arrive...

1 — Tetris Effect

Tetris Effect Announcement Screens

Well it seems to celebrate a surprising year of VR by awarding its most surprising success a top spot. How could a Tetris game possibly benefit from virtual reality, and how could it shoot to the top of our most-played list? It's probably the fact that it's the brain child of Rez creator and general audiovisual genius Tetsuya Mizuguchi. Tetris Effect has been described as a transcendent experience, marrying the supreme purity of the classic game with a psychedelic cornucopia of light and sound — all designed to bring us mere mortals that same feeling of being "in the zone" that the world's best Tetris players have been experiencing since the eighties.

Have you picked up a PlayStation VR or any of these titles this year? Were you aware that there's still an insane Mega Bundle deal for UK customers at Very, nabbing you Astro Bot and four more excellent games as well as the headset and camera for £209.99? We're looking forward to seeing what PlayStation VR can offer in 2019 too.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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