New Jump Force Reveals Include Deku from My Hero Academia

By Ethan Anderson, 5 months ago
For the past day or so, Bandai Namco has been dropping screenshots on Twitter of new roster additions for Jump Force, and they capped off the reveals with a story trailer that gives us glimpses of those fighters alongside many others. The characters that'll be joining the fight this time are Trunks from Dragon Ball, Boa Hancock from One Piece, Renji from Bleach, and My Hero Academia's Deku.

In addition to the character screens, we are also given a look at a new stage — Marineford from the world of One Piece.

As for the story, the merging of the real world and the Jump world has caused chaos and allowed villains to do as they please on Earth. In an attempt to restore order, the Jump Force is created by Director Glover. Players will create their own characters and fight alongside heroes from multiple universes as part of this task force. The trailer below gives us a look at the avatar options, well-known heroes and villains, and the Onyx Book thought to be responsible for the merging of the worlds.

You'll be able to create a fighter and join the Jump Force when the game launches on February 15th.

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Ethan Anderson
Written by Ethan Anderson
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