Destiny 2 Guide: How to Craft All Recipes in The Dawning

By Rebecca Smith,
As promised two weeks ago, The Dawning has arrived for all players in Destiny 2. While the Sparrow Racing League fails to make a return, as do the piles of snowballs outside of the Tower, what players do get to do is to bake treats for several of the game's major characters. Players are supposed to find the recipes for the majority of these treats through trial and error, but we've decided to save you some time. Here you'll find a list of all of the recipes you can create, and where to find the ingredients you'll need to create them.

The Ingredients

To start the quest, players will need to talk to Eva Levante at the Tower. If you open Eva's Holiday Oven in your Pursuits tab, you'll be able to place ingredients into the oven to create a batch of cookies. Each batch needs a common ingredient, a rare ingredient, and 15 Essence of Dawning.

Common ingredients are gathered from killing specific enemy types. The ingredient name gives a subtle clue as to where to find some of these, but not all of them are obvious.

IngredientEnemy Type
Cabal OilCabal
Chitin PowderHive
Dark Ether CaneScorn
Ether CaneFallen
Taken ButterTaken
Vex MilkVex
Rare ingredients are completely dependent on the weapon or equipment used to kill an enemy. These aren't quite as obvious as the above.

IngredientType of Kill
Bullet SpraySMG and Machine Gun kills
Delicious ExplosionExplosive kills
Electric TasteArc kills
Flash of InspirationCreate Orbs of Light
Impossible HeatSolar kills
Null TasteVoid kills
Perfect TastePrecision kills
Personal TouchMelee kills
Sharp FlavorSword kills
Finally, Essence of Dawning is gathered by completing different activities within the game. The amount of Essence dropped depends on the type of activity you complete, and you can see those in the table below. The completion of certain bounties from Eva will also award Essence.

ActivityAmount of Essence
Patrols1-3 Essence
Escalation Protocol3 Essence
Public Events5 Essence
Flashpoint Completion5 Essence
Heroic Adventure6 Essence
Heroic Blind Well10 Essence
Mayhem12-17 Essence
Heroic Strikes15-17 Essence
Gambit17-22 Essence
Nightfall23 Essence

The Recipes

When players first talk to Eva, she will provide one recipe. The remaining 14 recipes should be found by experimenting with different ingredient combinations, but if you don't want to waste any ingredients or time, we have the full list of recipes below, as well as the character to which they need to be delivered. Remember that each recipe also needs 15 Essence of Dawning.

RecipesCharacter RecipientCommon IngredientRare Ingredient
Alkane Dragee CookiesSloaneChitin PowderBullet Spray
Candy Dead GhostsThe SpiderDark Ether CaneFlash of Inspiration
Chocolate Ship CookiesHollidayCabal OilNull Taste
Dark Chocolate MotesThe DrifterTaken ButterNull Flavor
Eliksni BirdseedHawthorneEther CanePersonal touch
Gentleman's ShortbreadDevrim KayEther CanePerfect Taste
GjallardoodlesZavalaEther CaneDelicious Explosion
Ill-Fortune CookiesPetra VenjDark Ether CaneImpossible Heat
Infinite Forest CakesFailsafeVex MilkImpossible Heat
Javelin MooncakeAna BrayChitin PowderSharp Flavor
Radiolarian PuddingAsherVex MilkElectric Flavor
Strange CookiesXurTaken ButterElectric Flavor
Telemetry TapiocaBanshee-44Vex MilkBullet Spray
Traveler Donut HolesIkoraCabal OilFlash of Inspiration
Vanilla BladesShaxxCabal OilSharp Flavor
Any other combination of ingredients will create Burned Edge Transit cookies. These don't count for any of the rewards, but all is not lost if you accidentally mess up a recipe and create these instead. If you gift these cookies to the Cryptarch, he will trade them for 15 Essence, so at least you don't have to go back and complete more activities. The bad news is you will lose the common and rare ingredients.

The Rewards

Each batch of cookies delivered will grant players a reward. These are usually blue items or perhaps some tokens. Less often, players will also get the chance to receive mods, Enhancement Cores, or non-powerful legendary items. However, there are also rewards for reaching certain milestones.
  • Completing the first batch of Gjallardoodles for Zavala will reward players with the LMG Dawning Avalanche. Players can get variants of this weapon with random rolls by completing other deliveries too.
  • Completing six deliveries rewards Powerful Gear that is +3 of your current Power Level.
  • Completing 12 deliveries rewards Powerful Gear that is +5 of your current Power Level.
  • Completing 12 deliveries, including three specific deliveries, rewards the exotic sparrow that then needs to be upgraded. There are more details on this in the next section of the guide.
  • Completing all 15 deliveries once will unlock the upgraded Masterworked Holiday Oven. This reduces the Essence of Dawning cost of each recipe to 10 Essence.
Once players have made 12 deliveries, Eva will open up her storefront. This enables players to trade Essence of Dawning for common and rare ingredients. They can also take on bounties. Her weekly bounty tasks players with completing six batches of cookies and players will be rewarded with Powerful Gear. These are the other milestones to reach:
  • Completing 3 Dawning Triumphs rewards the Holiday Treats emblem.
  • Completing 8 Dawning Triumphs and upgrading the sparrow fully rewards the Affinity's Gift ship.
  • Completing 40 Dawning bounties rewards the Delicious Benefactor emblem.

Upgrading the Dawning Cheer Exotic Sparrow

As mentioned above, players unlock the sparrow sleigh by completing a total of 12 deliveries, but three of these have to be specific deliveries — Vanilla Blades, Chocolate Ship Cookies, and Eliksni Birdseed. Once the sleigh has been unlocked, players need to complete three bounties for Amanda Holliday to fully upgrade it.

The first bounty is Titan and Warlock. Players must deliver Traveler Donut Holes and Alkane Dragee Cookies, as well as bake a total of 48 batches of cookies. While the deliveries will need to be made again, cookies that have already been baked will count for the bounty's total number of batches. Once the bounty is completed, players are rewarded with the Happy Dawning perk, meaning glimmer presents will be fired from the sparrow every few seconds as it is boosted.

The second bounty is Sniper and Scribe. Players must deliver Gentleman's Shortbread and Radiolarian Pudding, as well as bake a total of 72 batches of cookies. Likewise, all cookies baked before the start of the bounty will count towards the 72 batches. Once the bounty is completed, players are rewarded with the Dawning Dare perk, meaning 3-5 glimmer presents are spawned every time players land a trick on the sparrow.

The third and final bounty is Gunsmith and Navigator. Players must deliver Telemetry Tapioca and Infinite Forest Cake, as well as bake a total of 120 batches of cookies. As above, all cookies baked before the start of the bounty will count towards the 120 batches. Once the bounty is completed, players are rewarded with the Transmat Preloader perk, meaning players can summon the sparrow almost instantaneously.

Upon completion of the third bounty, players will have a fully upgraded Dawning Cheer Exotic sparrow.

Will you be aiming to get the limited edition sparrow? If so, the event is already running and will end on January 1st, 2019, so it's best to make a start sooner rather than later.

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