Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Expansion Includes Geralt of Rivia

By PhantomFear94,
When Monster Hunter: World was released all the way back in January, it became an instant hit. After its long absence from home consoles, Capcom's latest foray into the action-RPG series received critical acclaim, sold over 10 million units, and won best RPG at the 2018 Game Awards. However, Capcom is clearly not done, as they have just announced that their first full expansion for Monster Hunter: World, "Iceborne", is coming next year. The developer has also confirmed that a plethora of additional content is on the way in the form of a new collaboration, special event, and festival. Sit tight, as there is a lot to cover with this one.

Lunastra in Monster Hunter: World

Beginning with the biggest reveal, the "content-rich" "Iceborne" expansion promises to deliver new quest ranks, locales, monsters, moves and gear to players, as well as a full narrative experience continuing from the conclusion of Monster Hunter World 's main story. Unfortunately, the expansion isn't going to be available until autumn 2019, which is quite the wait. However, Capcom will provide more details on "Iceborne" in the spring, and a trailer offering a sneak peek of the upcoming expansion is available below.

Further to the above expansion, Capcom has also been busy working on a collaboration with CD PROJEKT RED. Coming in early 2019, the infamous Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be coming to the New World, bringing with him new unique quests that seek to blend the "immersive RPG experience" of the Witcher series with Monster Hunter: World. Capcom has provided a new trailer giving an exclusive insight into the new collaboration.

That's not all, as players waiting in the meantime will be able to once again undertake the Kulve Taroth Siege special event. Starting on December 20th, up to 16 players can team up and take down an arch tempered version of the colossal monster for bountiful rewards. Additionally, launching in January 2019 is the new Appreciation Fest, which will celebrate the game's first anniversary with a freshly decorated gathering hub, new special equipment, and even more exclusive quests. Screenshots of the upcoming Kulve Taroth Siege special event and Appreciation Fest can be seen below.

For new hunters who want to jump in right away, Monster: Hunter World will be free to play on PlayStation 4 from December 11th through to December 17th. The trial will allow hunters to experience quests up to the 3-star level, and online multiplayer up to Hunter Rank 4. Any progress made will be carried over to the full game.

If one thing is certain from the above reveals, it is that Capcom is committed to supporting Monster Hunter: World for the foreseeable future. Let us know if you're excited for more Monster Hunter in the comments.

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