Guacamelee! 2 Gets Playable Bosses and New Trophies

By Sam Quirke,
Guacamelee! 2 is getting a couple of post-launch content packs. One of those is available right now — for $2.99 you can purchase a pack that lets you play as three of the game's bosses. A challenge level is coming in December.

We have the full current list of Guacamelee! 2 Trophies. Check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Guacamelee! 2

The "Three Enemigos" character pack allows you to play as the bosses El Muñeco, Uay Pek, and Jaguar Javier. Each character has unique pros and cons. Some new trophies appeared with the pack as well:

Name Description
Cool Cat Counter Attack Dodge then Hit 15 Enemies as Jaguar Bronze Trophy
Steal the Show Perform with the Dead Band at the Mariachi Club as El Muñeco Bronze Trophy
Body Builder Defeat a Giant Skeleton as Uay Pek's Head Bronze Trophy
Welcome to MY World Defeat 25 Enemies in the Living World as Uay Pek Silver Trophy
Jaguar's Redemption Defeat Salvador as Jaguar Gold Trophy
The second DLC pack costs $3.99 and brings a new challenge level called The Proving Grounds. Here luchadores test their skills in a temple to Tiempochtli. Five trainers team up to test you in a series of challenges, and you get their character skins (and associated buffs and de-buffs) as a reward for completing each set of three challenges, a total of 15. Earn gold medals in all 15 and you will be able to take on Tiempochtli itself and get a final character skin as a reward.

"Three Enemigos" is available today. "The Proving Grounds" arrives on December 7th.

We've got the full list of Guacamelee! 2 trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Sam Quirke
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